• Social Media Presence

    *Gain new customers
    *Build your brand
    *Spread your message
    *Keep current customers updated
    *Hear feedback from your customers
    *Grow Your Online Presence

    Social Media Presence
  • Quality Web Design

    *Quality Web Design
    *User Friendly
    *SEO Optimized
    *Small Websites
    *Large Websites
    *And More

    Quality Web Design
  • Higher Rankings

    *First Page Rankings
    *Targeted Leads
    *Long-Term Results
    *Organic SEO
    *Local SEO
    *Rankings for Large Companies
    *Rankings for Small Companies

    Higher Rankings

Organic SEO can really help boost your online presence and increase your customers.  By targeting the kind of searches and customers you want, organic SEO is a powerful way to increase your leads.


Santa Cruz SEO

We perform quality web design at an affordable price.

Web Design Santa Cruz

Social Media is growing everyday and it’s almost impossible to not know someone that uses facebook, twitter ect.  We want to help grow your social presence and keep your customers informed.

Santa Cruz Social Media

We have extra services coming soon to help your online marketing.  Some real good stuff in the works.

Extra Services

Santa Cruz SEO

Call (831) 295-8101 – Justin

* We have clients and provide services in all areas not just Santa Cruz.

* We have moved to http://leftcoastadvertising.com but we still use the same number and you can contact us through this website or the same email.


Santa Cruz SEO is located in the Bay Area and aims to help small buinesses achieve higher rankings in google. Let’s say you have a small business that sells bike parts, we can help find targeted customers looking for bike parts in Santa Cruz or any region or city you’re in. There are hundreds to thousands of people searching for your services or products all the time and it’s increasing. Santa Cruz SEO has achieved great results for all different types of businesses and would love to help yours. Search engine optimization is part art part science and we stay on top of the latest news in SEO and put it to use. We know you want conversions, customers and leads and we want to help you achieve a larger presence online. We also provide web design, social media, email marketing and more.

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We have competitive prices, we are a small company that can spend time with you and your needs. Many of the bigger companies charge a lot more and your just another number. Not with Santa Cruz SEO, we love to help you grow and see your results and online presence improve.

We provide SEO, online marketing, PPC, Social, SEM, search engine optimization, web design, video marketing and more.

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