Mobile Marketing

*82% of Americans don’t leave home without their mobile phones, it’s time to tap that market.

The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers

How many people do you see constantly on their phone? but still 90% of companies on the web don’t utilize this new marketing technique.

Why Go Mobile?

Like I said above just walking around you will see a lot of people using their cell phones, in a 2009 study done here  shows that 1 fifth of Americans use mobile internet.  That number is on the rise and in this study  it rose by 31% since 2009, that number is growing at a staggering rate and will only increase. Not only should the number of constantly growing users help convince you but there are some other reasons to check out.

  • Better for Your Customers
Since there are so many users on there phone searching the web, you want to have an easy to navigate and optimized website.  With a mobile ready website, users with smart phones can easily click on your phone number to contact you about your services or products.  You can also setup a menu, address and any other information that’s designed for phones.
  • Advantage Over Competitors
If your website isn’t designed for a smart phone and is hard to navigate or get information, this potential customer will go to the next site this is optimized for this.
  • Google Indexes Mobile Content Differently
They have a separate index for mobile phones, so if 90% of online companies don’t use a site that’s mobile ready who do you think will show up at the top of searches on a mobile phone?
  • 20% of American households only use Mobile phones for the internet and that’s going to rise.
  • You can use mobile websites with QR codes
To keep it short, QR codes were developed in Japan and spread to Europe.  They’re now used more and more in the United States.  What makes them nice is you can put them on any advertising you send out, you can stick them anywhere and a lot of people use them.   With a smart phone someone can scan the QR Code and it can automatically send them to your mobile optimized website, send them a text message with an offer, view a social media account, dial a phone number.   There is a ton of things you can do with this.

 For $179 you Can Have Your Own Mobile Phone Optimized Website.

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